Social Science Insights (SSI) applies high-quality social science research to support corporate solutions and informed social policy.

Using rigorous data analysis methods, SSI helps decision-making for businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations who are working to improve their services and communities.

SSI provides high quality social media services for conscientious organisations who want to help their customers, clients and communities become better informed, more positive and wondrous.


SSI provides expertise in research, consultancy, social media and training.


  • Qualitative analysis, including surveys, interviews, ethnography
  • Content analysis
  • Reviewing data management processes
  • Workplace policy evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary research design
  • Report writing


  • Policy development
  • Project management
  • Program evaluation
  • Cultural issues in the workplace
  • Equity and diversity
  • Behavioural analysis

Social Media and Blogging

  • Research and copy writing
  • Content and community management
  • Website, blog and graphic design
  • Social media policy development
  • Analytics
  • Social media marketing


  • Intercultural awareness
  • Gender equity and diversity management
  • Social media use for senior executives and staff
  • Workshop facilitation

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Past projects

  • Evaluating violence against women and girls
  • Development of equity and inclusion programs in science and technology
  • Social impact of occupational health and safety
  • Cultural analysis of community groups and organisations
  • Community development
  • Socioeconomic mobility
  • Analysis of immigration, refugee and multiculturalism
  • Media use by target audiences
  • Social media impact
  • Social marketing for vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups
  • Public education campaigns for marginalised communities
  • Patterns of crime and deviance
  • Political conflict and national security research
  • Designing database schemas

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