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I Wander Through the World and Cry “Peace, Peace, Peace”

“Der Rufer” (The Caller) was dedicated to torture victims and survivors. Originally created in 1967 by sculptor Gerhard Marcks, another version was recommissioned in 1989 in Berlin before the Wall came down. It was inscribed at the base with a quotation by Renaissance poet, ­Petrarch:

“I wander through the world and cry ‘Peace, peace, peace.'”

The original version was cast in bronze in 1981 and one year later, it was gifted to the Art Gallery of Western Australia. On 26 June 1998, it was officially dedicated to torture victims on the first United Nations Day in Support of Torture Victims.

It stands outside the Art Gallery of Western Australia, calling out for peace.

The Caller, stands outside the Art Gallery of Western Australia
Der Rufer. Photo: Zuleyka Zevallos